St. John is a published author living in the United States.

A writer, speaker and photographer, St. John grew up in a small town in a Midwestern state, population 300.  Her photographs capture the beauty of landscapes and minute details of scenes often missed by first glance.  She has had her photography displayed in a travel brochure and an art gallery.  St. John’s writings frequently portray visually rich descriptions of the homespun poignancy of small town living, and her astute view of human nature.  “Having been suffocated in my teen years by everybody knowing everybody else’s business in town and commenting on it, I escaped in early adulthood,” explains St. John. “Yet now I find myself frequently writing about those very childhood experiences I wanted to forget. Life sure has a strange sense of humor!”

An advocate of veterans, Ms. St. John strongly supports the social, emotional, financial and medical care of those who served their country, especially those who made it back from combat.  Local, state and federal legislators who vote against such responsibilities are often pinpointed in St. John’s writings and treated as “friendly fire.”   On the topic of researching legislators who vote against support of veterans and their families, Ms. St. John says in doing so, “I try to reach the nation’s conscience.  Or, rather, in regard to our veterans...give the nation a conscience.”

St. John sums up her politics this way:  “Public servants ought to serve the civil good of all the people.  When they can’t rise above their own prejudices and religious biases to do that, they instantly threaten the well-being and health of this country, and our individual quality of life suffers greatly because of it.  The instant we know this, the only reaction we should then have as a collective nation is to vigorously and enthusiastically vote for their opponent, and keep voting for their opponent until we find somebody who does it right.  Eventually, we’re bound to.  And THAT, my friend…is MY American dream.”

St. John welcomes you to her website.

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