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From the depths of XX

Return to 19th Century –
history repeating itself

One must choose what matters the most,

But you want us invisible, each a mere ghost.

A voice in politics, healthcare and religion…that’s okay with you…

But not unless my x chromosome equals two.

I don’t demand much of you, I can stand on my two legs.

So how come I can’t rule your sperm but you can rule my eggs?

You cheer us on when we wrap around a pole; or pose and prance in photos naked;

But on the job there is no way we are paid the same when we make it.

Our gender scares you into a rage, a sin that must be disowned;

as if the very state of being female is yours to cherish – or to stone. 

But submission is not our destiny. Nor bowed heads our decreed fate.

We were born upon this earth to stand up tall, proud and straight.

Our female selves are from beyond the rhythm of the moon, the sun and earth.

We are compassion, strength and peace, we who are life… we who are birth.

Life, liberty…the pursuit of happiness.

They are not yours to deny or yours to suppress.

I am pro life, I am pro voice.

You will not stop me from making a choice.