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From the depths of XX

Return to 19th Century –
history repeating itself

One must choose what matters the most,

But you want us invisible, each a mere ghost.

A voice in politics, healthcare and religion…that’s okay with you…

But not unless my x chromosome equals two.

I don’t demand much of you, I can stand on my two legs.

So how come I can’t rule your sperm but you can rule my eggs?

You cheer us on when we wrap around a pole; or pose and prance in photos naked;

But on the job there is no way we are paid the same when we make it.

Our gender scares you into a rage, a sin that must be disowned;

as if the very state of being female is yours to cherish – or to stone. 

But submission is not our destiny. Nor bowed heads our decreed fate.

We were born upon this earth to stand up tall, proud and straight.

Our female selves are from beyond the rhythm of the moon, the sun and earth.

We are compassion, strength and peace, we who are life… we who are birth.

Life, liberty…the pursuit of happiness.

They are not yours to deny or yours to suppress.

I am pro life, I am pro voice.

You will not stop me from making a choice. 

It’s Me and not You Blues to the Indiana General Assembly

And here I was, thinking that the cells in my body belonged only to me, just like the cells in men’s bodies belong only to them.  I’m so silly.  I guess I forgot because I am female, my cells can’t belong to me. I’m too dangerous or ill-equipped mentally to know what to do with my internal organs.  And I must confess, I rarely give my internal organs a thought.  My gawd, I cannot tell you when the last time was I thought to ponder my spleen, for example.

I must not make this mistake again.  I must remember, always, that any male who wants any of my cells is most definitely entitled to them, including the males with bad breath, bigotry and a preference for Taco Bell, in the General Assembly.  I must allow these same males who want to make laws against my owning my own cells, to do so.  After all, as noted, I am just a female and the males can do this because they don’t have these cells and they surely do want some for their own.

I can’t for the life of me, though, remember selling rights to my body cells.  Surely, they just didn’t feel entitled to them?!  I wonder if I was drunk and they took advantage of me?   Course, I blush…that would be my fault, too.  Because there they were, already going the extra mile to save me from myself by not allowing me to buy a bottle of that delightful red table wine at the grocers on Sundays.  Praise the Lord and protect my neighbors from my heathen French ways. I digress.

Perhaps the males in the General Assembly are just lonesome with lots of love to give.  They want we females to be surrogates for their children, for whom they will welcome each and every one into the world with great love, respect and financial security.  It could be that the males in the General Assembly are just saintly generous.  I never thought of that and the idea makes me feel so very warm and fuzzy.

Yes, it’s true that fellow female brain cells invented the computer, the laser printer and penicillin, to list a few…but no doubt that was just pure dumb luck.  Ergo, I cannot help but wonder with this feeble female mind of mine who keeps forgetting about her gall bladder cells, for instance…do other parts go with that sale?  Are those males in the General Assembly going to harvest say, some kidney cells while they are at this legislative business?  Will this open up a can of cell worms? Will a General Assembly male with a foot fetish want control over whether I bare my feet cells or not?  We know how obsessed the culture is with the chests of females…will these same males in the General Assembly rule that breast cells have to be shown whenever they want (except for nursing, which incidentally is why they are larger than theirs in the first place)?  Same for my behind…my neck…my ears.  Will legislative bill by legislative bill, erode ownership of ALL my body cells from me?

Assuming I did sell these particular cells – for surely I would keep my wits about me and not give something so coveted like ANY of my body cells away – I wonder how much I got for my cells? Dang it all, but in my most forgetful state, I can’t find any bank account number with millions in it.  I am sure it is a banking error that my current accounts show absolutely no increase.

A few General Assembly females protested loudly (good for them), but of course, they were females and I am certain their voices were squeaky or in whispers, for why else would their male counterparts not listen to them and respect their firsthand opinions?  Oops…I said the forbidden word:  opinions.  We aren’t supposed to have any, being feeble minded and all.  Another thing I forgot.  I see a pattern here, and I am embarrassed.  I just can’t seem to stop thinking!  So sorry.  So very sorry.

In spite of all the good will and taking care of my mental feebleness these males in the General Assembly are exhibiting towards me, I find I am a bit ungrateful.  Rebellious, even, if I dare proclaim anything above a whisper.  For I most certainly do not want any one of these males in my legislative bed any more.  It’s me…not them.  I just can’t handle their wisdom and their generous guidance any more.  I prefer to be wild…reckless…disrespectful…downright sassy…and take care of my cells myself.  Color me difficult.

Unless, of course…these males with bad hair and split cuticles in the General Assembly want to make a trade?  Reproductive cells for reproductive cells.  Show me yours, I’ll show you mine, sort of thing.  Control mine, I’ll control yours.  Give and take.

Hello?  Hello?

Mr. General Assembly Male…are you still there?




Indiana Is Trying To Pass An Abortion Bill That’s So Extreme Even Republicans Don’t Like It

(Some) Women Say the Darndest Things

There’s been a super interesting dialogue going on in the comment section of an article written by Cathy Kightlinger of the Indianapolis Star.  It was posted June 18, 2012, and I have no clue how I latched on to it, but I did and there you are.

I will hold off just a bit on sharing the title of said article.  (I am sure you will have no problem figuring out what it is W-A-Y before I tell you.)

On this particular topic, some women get objective and others get nasty.  There appears to be little space in between in which to exhibit the higher traits of feminine strength, grace and kindness.  Surely, I am wrong about that.  But au contraire.  Those traits of a good Christian, Buddhist or whatever, are instantly deserted by the NOs (the Nasty Ones), all the while proclaiming they ARE good women, Christians, Buddhists or whatever, while all the other women who do not think like them are not.

Some behavior of the NOs:

“I can’t stand her…or the yellow flag champion she’s married to.”

Said NO number 1 does not know the woman under discussion, nor her husband.  But number 1 NO is adamant she not only wouldn’t like her, she wouldn’t be able to STAND her.  Why such venom?  Because said woman under discussion is rude, belligerent, psychotic, mean?  Nuh uh.  Read on.

“Me neither, Lynnie…she’s a phony.”

Said NO number 2 does not know the woman under discussion.  But number 2 NO is adamant the woman she never met is a phony.

Did you hear a “MEOW?”

“Not “everybody” likes BLANK, especially those as yet in utero.  She is a loon, period.” 

Oh my goodness!  This is a male voice trying to get into the act.  Sorry, dude, but unless YOU have a utero, please do not discuss my internal organs as if you know what you are talking about.  Do I talk about your prostate like that??  No.  So don’t talk about my uterus like you have one.  Sheesh.

“Don’t you mean supporting the murdering of unborn children? Hell, if it were just birth control, I’d be a fan, but Planned Parenthood performs ABORTIONS! So that’s okay with you? Really?”

Ummm…what the heck are you talking about, NO number 2?  Planned Parenthood IS about parenthood…healthy and thoughtful and desired parenthood.  And, if you looked beyond your nose (or belly button as in uterus),  it is also about women’s health issues and health care. GOOD health care for women.  One would hope in your quest to produce life, you would make the connection between the current living human and the cells that have the potential to become one.  One would THINK.  Thinking being the key operative word here.

“She “shuns the spotlight”? Really? Last month she acted as if SHE had won the race, not her husband. And isn’t it peculiar that a woman who has never experienced having a baby growing inside of her is such an avowed advocate of murdering them in utero under the guise of being a “women’s right’s activist”? You don’t need to take up for me, BLANK…I can fight my own battles.”

I LOVE NO number 2!  She is absolutely fascinating.  If you notice, NO number 2 has two reoccurring themes:  utter disbelief (her overuse of the word “really” with a question mark) and her reference to breeding.  (This woman needs to get her mind on something else, I’m beginning to think.)

Personally, though, I am delighted that NO number 2 will take on her battles herself.  She’s beginning to annoy me.  Her logic is without real logic, her decisions are reactive and emotional, and she’s well.. not very nice about it all.  I wouldn’t want her on my team for women’s rights at all.  In fact, I kinda think she may be one of the people I would be working to thwart.  Really.

“…an intelligent, beautiful woman who has never held a child inside of her body. Give me a break. A role model for ALL of humankind? I felt my babies move inside of me at 14 weeks…”

Hmmm, NO number 2 (who is talking a LOT, I notice), if a woman is intelligent and beautiful…of course she is a role model.  We all are role models for being intelligent and beautiful.  As for feeling your babies inside of you….what has that got to do with being a role model?  Maybe for your daughters, but not mine, thank you very much.

The key word you used is ‘worth’. I agree–every living being is ‘worth’while; why not afford that ‘worth’ to unborn babies? And I do not believe I ever stated that BLANK is not ‘worth’ anything because she is not a mother; I’m simply making the obvious connection between her non-motherhood and her advocacy for abortion. BLANK, and every living person on the planet, was WORTH being born!

Nope.  I don’t see it, NO number 2.  Speaking about women’s health care does not equate with anything other than health care, in my books.  And “non-motherhood” is the silliest phrase I’ve ever heard.  It makes one think “Mothers” in this corner, and all other non entities in this corner.  According to your thinking, NO number 2, men are abortion advocates because they are non mothers.

I said it before and I’ll say it again:  I LOVE this woman!  She is SO strange, she is absolutely fascinating.

That’s all she felt compelled to utter, so I’ll go on to the article itself.

The title of the article is, “Ashley Judd to Keynote Planned Parenthood of Indiana’s 80th Anniversary Party”.  That’s it.  That’s what has incurred the wrath of the NO number 1 and NO number 2 and that weirdo guy who has to get mixed into all this “girl talk.”

But it isn’t really what incurs their wrath.

What really has incurred the wrath of the NOs is that a beautiful, intelligent, gracious woman can also think for herself and make her own choices.  NOs want women to be defined solely as breeders of children, nothing else.  We criticize men who think just of their penises…aren’t women who think just of their uteruses just as warped?

NOs want the minds, hearts and spirits of women overlooked and demeaned, in favor of producing more population upon the earth.  That is NO’s unlimited, unenlightened and totally unnerving view of a woman’s purpose.   NOs truly want to regard women as Erica Jong hinted at decades ago:  a uterus with a pair of legs.  If the NOs associated a uterus with a mind, they’d understand why bearing children may be lovely, noble and rewarding, but it is NOT the end all nor be all of a female human being’s existence…an animal’s, maybe…but not a human being’s.



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