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Seasonal Wishes 2015



My seasonal wish for you all begins with a thank you.

Thank you to all my generous friends who continue to support me through positive, encouraging, often delightfully funny, words. My wish is that I am the same to you, so that you know the dignity and wonder of that which is you.

Thank you to my smart and wise friends who, although they may find my political views too opinionated and even wrong, allow me to feel/express them without insult, and continue to like other things about me. My Christmas wish for you is that you, too, find this gracious tolerance for yourselves and together, we begin to create the society of intellectual dialogue we so need.

Thank you to my compassionate friends who do not give a whit what my “religious” views are, but appreciate and embrace my spiritual intent to be kind and compassionate. My wish for you is that your security in yourself and your higher power, send ripples of sanity to a world that has lost its frickin’ mind. We need more like you.

Thank you to all my kindhearted friends who do not demand I be perfect, or stereotype me, or fear my femininity, but instead, show me I can strive for excellence as a human being and as a woman, flawed though I might be. And that I might actually be smart and charming, on occasion. My wish for you is that I return the same to you, and that you feel the honor and respect you deserve, and that together, we create spaces of such common sense and safety, that the world begins to be so, too.

To those of you who despise my views, are threatened by my female strength, and label me, thank you for showing me that shadows exist so that I know there is light. My wish for you is that your fear and insecurity dissolve, and you find the love in your heart of which we all are entitled.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy Whatever You Want to Call It! May peace on this earth truly spread from our hearts to our neighborhoods, communities, state, nation, and the world. It is true, my friends: peace begins with us. And I thank you for it.