There’s a Strong Wave a’Comin’

It is easy and cheap, these days, to become a star.  If you are a believer of the trumped-up image of success, the media will hone in on you like mosquitos on a sweaty arm at a dusk-timed barbeque.

Reporters film the crowds at the trumped up campaign rallies, which are nonstop, often zeroing in on a few individuals for statements.  Because of this global attention, these followers or hired actors have gotten the impression that they are the darlings of the press.  Their message is that we must fear them and their vote.  For a mob temperament that has lived in pain and resentment for perhaps decades, this attention is a heady pill for them.  The sense of power must be mind boggling.  Yet the image is not one that will go the distance.

All this media coverage does is create a bizarre beast of the misinformed, rejectors of facts and science, and self-haters.  Many of these individuals are mimicking the most vile of all behaviors:  bullying, name-calling, assault bragging, and demeaning insults.  Then there are the overweight, over-ignorant who dress in false camouflage and threaten with guns.  These actors and followers are not going to get down off the public stage while we are staring at them with our mouths open and horror on our faces.  They LIKE being in the news.  It’s akin to being in the faces of and giving the finger to those who they blame for making them feel inferior.  The mob mentality motivates them to hang together while we wring our hands and fret our psyches over what is happening to our country.

The truth for most of us is that we know they are a minority and this November 2020, will be scurrying back into anonymity.  It is not their false sense of power that makes us anxious.  We are afraid to acknowledge these fanatics as a hate group because our brother, mother, niece, grandfather, lover, is/are a vocal cult supporter, too.  We “can’t make politics about values”, we declare.  We proclaim, “Everybody has a right to a different outlook!”   “Politics is not allowed in this house.”

It isn’t just our families and circle of friends who are under stress.  Because of the unethical, illegal and abusive manner of this current government, the Republican Party is divided between Republicans and trumpsters.  Ever the polarizing, undiagnosed narcissist, the suspected Putin-backed Donald has inspired the majority of the currently elected Republicans to split off permanently from its home base.

Well, let me make a prediction. It will be impossible to go back.  Where the Democrats and Independents have been digging in to their shared foundations, the Republicans who are thoughtful, compassionate, gracious, and honorable, find themselves without a party.  Not only will they have to oust this squatting government, they will have to redefine and rebuild their party.  Not an enviable spot to be in, but the question to them needs to be asked:  Why didn’t you stop Donald when you had the chance?

For all of us, it has indeed, become about values. And damn well a long enough time it took for us to get to this point.

We did nothing when a disabled reporter was publicly mocked;  when women were described by body parts with vile terms; when porn stars proved they were sought and bought;  when women shared the sexual assaults; when underage girls were raped;  when a traumatized veteran with PTSD was mocked; when a POW was ridiculed; when a Gold Star family was demeaned.  Smear campaigns were begun against every expert in the administration for telling the truth.  Environmental programs, incident response plans, fair taxes on the wealthiest, oil pipes across Native American lands, and cemeteries desecrated, were gleefully proposed and supported by the Senate, led by another suspected Putin fan, Mitch McConnell.  Barack Obama was made a continuing target for ongoing insults, lies and misrepresentations.  Little, innocent  children remain locked in cages away from their parents.  We have a justice on the Supreme Court who unabashedly campaigned for the spot, and one who is an alleged rapist and drunk.  Their qualifications seem simple:  take away civil freedoms of those who are not male and white.  The Attorney General is proudly continuing with what appears to be an erosion of laws, the Constitution, and our democracy.  Robert Mueller was leading an excellent investigation into the wrong doings of what looks more and more looks like a mob syndicate, when he was told to stop and the full report was hidden.  When Donald was impeached for inappropriate, unethical and illegal behavior, Mitch McConnell protected him, and his donors and contributor’s interest and allowed him to continue squatting in the Oval Office. The sitting vice president who as governor was kicked out of his home state for his discriminatory, hateful proposed legislation, mirrors, mimics and pathetically fawns over Donald and his probable mentally, emotionally and physically disabled presence.  The list is too long to continue.  And, every day, a new injustice will be proposed, and new lies told.

The Republicans carry the majority of the blame, not the minority that voted for this administration.  It seems that gerrymandering and the Electoral College are in their back pockets, and how they steal elected seats from those candidates who actually win the vote.  Republicans did this to their party, themselves, and our country.  And the rest of us, including those Republicans who have stopped supporting those currently elected and in power, have grown tired and angry with ourselves from hiding behind an accepting attitude because we are too afraid to publicly reject something that is wrong.  We are chafed from the righteousness of “difference”, when it isn’t different, and when it’s just wrong.  All terribly wrong.

We have been too scared to accept who we have become.  Being us means, hell YES you make “politics” all about values!  Damn straight, we want NO lover of bullying, backstabbing, misogynism, and lies, brought into our community, workplace, home, and/or space.  And we sure as hell do not want it in our government any longer.

Leaders show us the light and then take us there to find, and keep, hope.  Therein is true grace, truth, safety and compassion. On the other hand, like crabs in an open bucket, vile creatures such as these elected Republicans, grab us and pull us back down to their level, keeping us imprisoned and suffocating our souls.  We are smeared with the feces of hate and violence, and the spittle of abuse.

As you witness the mob mentality of riots and threats on the news, roboted onto social media, in your community…understand that THIS false version of America is what the world now thinks of us.   We have lost respect and honor.  America was never NOT great – but now it grates…on the conscience.

I have family members who are staunch trumpsters, and in the same breath, declare they respect women, veterans and the environment.  We know this doesn’t jive:  you can’t support somebody who lacks values and grace while claiming you have honor.  I have friends and colleagues who proudly declared they voted for the trumpsters because of their “religious faith”.  We know that this “faith” is neither religious nor a belief:  it’s an unmasked compulsion to follow and/or control.  I found that how they voted does matter to me.  The 2016 election was never about Republicans or Democrats or Libertarians or Independents.  It was always about grace, truth, respect, honor, dignity, and the Constitution.  Every one of these people know where I stand, and how I think, without my attacking them.  I keep my comments towards those who are destroying our government and pimping our politics.    If I were to hurl personal insults to family, friends and colleagues for what I view as their lack of emotional and intellectual intelligence, I would be what I hated the most:  just like those trumpsters.  “Fall back on your grace,” is what I tell myself. And also, “Speak your truth to power,” because the people who are in our space either by choice or DNA, have a powerful influence over us, and need to hear it more than anyone else.  I know I’ve made “enemies” and some of these folks will no longer have anything to do with me.  Such a relief!  I don’t think I would have spotted their lack of values without these times.  But mostly, I am awed by the other outcome these times have produced.

People everywhere, in multiple roles and various backgrounds, are finding each other and coming together like no other time in our history.  Resistance to attempts to steal our civil freedoms, harbor the wealth to a selected few, destruction of the middle class, and shredding our Constitution, is ongoing and increasing.  People are courageously calling out the gaslighting, the illegal acts, the unethical behavior, and the white supremacy groups.  They are shining the light of truth upon this world for all to see, and to signal to our global friends to stay tuned, for we and the real America are coming back!

Claim your ground.  Take a stand.  Be silent if you so choose with your family, friends and colleagues, but not where you can make a difference.  At the polls this November 2020, any currently elected representative who has been a public supporter of this incompetent, ignorant, narcissistic, greedy, and dangerous federal government, needs to go.  Vote the opponent.

Stay well, stay in peace, and stay in truth.


A Rose by Any Other Name – Can Still Be Scary


I saw in the news that a small floral business owner was interviewed for her decision not to supply the flowers for a same-sex marriage.  It was interesting listening to her, because she kept referring to her religion, and adding that she had been receiving hate mail and threats because of her beliefs.  Though my spiritual views are decidedly different from this woman’s, there is no excuse for bullying her.  This woman has a right to state her views without provoked hostility in return.  Her views are far from religious, however.  They are up close and personal with fear.

After you ponder the situation, one needs to point out to her that SHE was not invited to the wedding…she was not asked to bless it, condone it or support it.  Her flowers only were requested to be there.  Do her flowers share her religious views?

This was a specific wedding, so the participants were obvious.  Does the woman check backgrounds of everybody she sells to?  Does she know that the couple celebrating their anniversary with her flowers are atheists?  Or that she sent birthday flowers to a drug addict?  If she doesn’t do background checks on all her customers to see if they share her “religious views and beliefs”, this stance of hers has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with discrimination.

That woman fears, not prays.  She fears a homosexual person is a sexual predator, just waiting to pounce on innocent people who stroll into his/her space.  She is scared out of her mind.  Literally.

I understand fear.  I can appreciate how it clouds all rational thought and behavior.  Many religions are based on fear to keep the members inclined to follow the Church’s rules.  This woman is probably unaware of her real fears, and no doubt feels a familiar and false sense of “religion” in taking this discriminatory stance.  It must be confusing to her.  Sadly, what was needed in this instance was courage to do the right thing, not fear to do the wrong thing.

Business has fallen since the woman took her stand, and I am not surprised that she is experiencing monetary repercussions.  It’s called karma.  She is being judged for her religious views, and not for her floral arrangements.  Seems only fair.

Happily – for most of us – civil liberties will remain in harmony with religious, spiritual or atheistic beliefs, and flowers will be present to brighten our tables and our hearts.


Dear Mr. Mitch McConnell, a Few Questions:

As a graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Law (1967), I am perplexed as to why you fear a placement on the Supreme Court?   I am assuming you studied the law at the University, and understand that the Constitution and its intentions are meant to be respected, honored and followed, to the best of someone’s ability.

  • Are you fearful of the Constitution’s intent?
  • Do you lack courage to do the right thing, or are you naturally an anxious person?
  • Has this recent nominee made judgments against your top campaign donors (NRA etc.), and you are afraid of losing their funding?

As a law student, obstruction to justice, obstructing the law – such as promoting the blockade of a Supreme Court justice nomination – you learned that it is not only unethical, but illegal.  Yet you are choosing to be unethical and perhaps, illegal.

  • Why are you willing to break your oath to uphold the law?
  • Why does the oath you took to serve the citizens of your country no longer mean anything to you?

I am confused why you are personally against the President of the United States to the point where you continually show disrespect for the position.  You have done little else but try to thwart the good the President has accomplished while personally demeaning the man.

  • Are you prejudiced against darker skinned people?
  • Are you personally threatened by President Obama’s thoughtful, gracious approach?
  • Is there jealousy involved?

The NRA contributed heavily to your re-election campaign.  You insist they approve the nominee.

  • What was the selling price?  How much was the trust of the citizens of Kentucky worth?
  • Did the NRA treat the citizens of Kentucky to dinner and buy them flowers first?

You were voted into office to represent the citizens of Kentucky.  But your confrontational actions are affecting me in my state, too.  In fact, you are systematically destroying the backbone of the United States you (supposedly) represent…its middle class, its women and children.

  • Are most Kentucky citizens bigoted like you?
  • Do most Kentucky citizens want women demeaned, education destroyed, and the working class eroded?
  • If not, who – besides your own personal agenda – are you representing?

One last concern.

I continue to read your “stances”, and I wonder if you ever feel shame for your behavior, or guilt that you, as a grown-up, who is in such an influential position, has no awareness of the common good…or guilt for being so openly and proudly hostile, in how you treat others who may think or act differently than you.

  • Do you really…really…believe you are earning your lifetime pay and benefits, and leaving a legacy that children want to grow up and emulate?
  • Do you really…really…believe you get re-elected after abusing your position so?

You have a pattern.  Whenever you have a choice between money and ethics or the law, you choose the money.  When you do not get your way, you become uncooperative and belligerent.

  • How do you define “wisdom”?
  • Do you have any answers at all, that the intelligent, wise and mature in our society would describe as common sensed?

Inquiring minds want to know.

It’s Me and not You Blues to the Indiana General Assembly

And here I was, thinking that the cells in my body belonged only to me, just like the cells in men’s bodies belong only to them.  I’m so silly.  I guess I forgot because I am female, my cells can’t belong to me. I’m too dangerous or ill-equipped mentally to know what to do with my internal organs.  And I must confess, I rarely give my internal organs a thought.  My gawd, I cannot tell you when the last time was I thought to ponder my spleen, for example.

I must not make this mistake again.  I must remember, always, that any male who wants any of my cells is most definitely entitled to them, including the males with bad breath, bigotry and a preference for Taco Bell, in the General Assembly.  I must allow these same males who want to make laws against my owning my own cells, to do so.  After all, as noted, I am just a female and the males can do this because they don’t have these cells and they surely do want some for their own.

I can’t for the life of me, though, remember selling rights to my body cells.  Surely, they just didn’t feel entitled to them?!  I wonder if I was drunk and they took advantage of me?   Course, I blush…that would be my fault, too.  Because there they were, already going the extra mile to save me from myself by not allowing me to buy a bottle of that delightful red table wine at the grocers on Sundays.  Praise the Lord and protect my neighbors from my heathen French ways. I digress.

Perhaps the males in the General Assembly are just lonesome with lots of love to give.  They want we females to be surrogates for their children, for whom they will welcome each and every one into the world with great love, respect and financial security.  It could be that the males in the General Assembly are just saintly generous.  I never thought of that and the idea makes me feel so very warm and fuzzy.

Yes, it’s true that fellow female brain cells invented the computer, the laser printer and penicillin, to list a few…but no doubt that was just pure dumb luck.  Ergo, I cannot help but wonder with this feeble female mind of mine who keeps forgetting about her gall bladder cells, for instance…do other parts go with that sale?  Are those males in the General Assembly going to harvest say, some kidney cells while they are at this legislative business?  Will this open up a can of cell worms? Will a General Assembly male with a foot fetish want control over whether I bare my feet cells or not?  We know how obsessed the culture is with the chests of females…will these same males in the General Assembly rule that breast cells have to be shown whenever they want (except for nursing, which incidentally is why they are larger than theirs in the first place)?  Same for my behind…my neck…my ears.  Will legislative bill by legislative bill, erode ownership of ALL my body cells from me?

Assuming I did sell these particular cells – for surely I would keep my wits about me and not give something so coveted like ANY of my body cells away – I wonder how much I got for my cells? Dang it all, but in my most forgetful state, I can’t find any bank account number with millions in it.  I am sure it is a banking error that my current accounts show absolutely no increase.

A few General Assembly females protested loudly (good for them), but of course, they were females and I am certain their voices were squeaky or in whispers, for why else would their male counterparts not listen to them and respect their firsthand opinions?  Oops…I said the forbidden word:  opinions.  We aren’t supposed to have any, being feeble minded and all.  Another thing I forgot.  I see a pattern here, and I am embarrassed.  I just can’t seem to stop thinking!  So sorry.  So very sorry.

In spite of all the good will and taking care of my mental feebleness these males in the General Assembly are exhibiting towards me, I find I am a bit ungrateful.  Rebellious, even, if I dare proclaim anything above a whisper.  For I most certainly do not want any one of these males in my legislative bed any more.  It’s me…not them.  I just can’t handle their wisdom and their generous guidance any more.  I prefer to be wild…reckless…disrespectful…downright sassy…and take care of my cells myself.  Color me difficult.

Unless, of course…these males with bad hair and split cuticles in the General Assembly want to make a trade?  Reproductive cells for reproductive cells.  Show me yours, I’ll show you mine, sort of thing.  Control mine, I’ll control yours.  Give and take.

Hello?  Hello?

Mr. General Assembly Male…are you still there?




Indiana Is Trying To Pass An Abortion Bill That’s So Extreme Even Republicans Don’t Like It

Seasonal Wishes 2015



My seasonal wish for you all begins with a thank you.

Thank you to all my generous friends who continue to support me through positive, encouraging, often delightfully funny, words. My wish is that I am the same to you, so that you know the dignity and wonder of that which is you.

Thank you to my smart and wise friends who, although they may find my political views too opinionated and even wrong, allow me to feel/express them without insult, and continue to like other things about me. My Christmas wish for you is that you, too, find this gracious tolerance for yourselves and together, we begin to create the society of intellectual dialogue we so need.

Thank you to my compassionate friends who do not give a whit what my “religious” views are, but appreciate and embrace my spiritual intent to be kind and compassionate. My wish for you is that your security in yourself and your higher power, send ripples of sanity to a world that has lost its frickin’ mind. We need more like you.

Thank you to all my kindhearted friends who do not demand I be perfect, or stereotype me, or fear my femininity, but instead, show me I can strive for excellence as a human being and as a woman, flawed though I might be. And that I might actually be smart and charming, on occasion. My wish for you is that I return the same to you, and that you feel the honor and respect you deserve, and that together, we create spaces of such common sense and safety, that the world begins to be so, too.

To those of you who despise my views, are threatened by my female strength, and label me, thank you for showing me that shadows exist so that I know there is light. My wish for you is that your fear and insecurity dissolve, and you find the love in your heart of which we all are entitled.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy Whatever You Want to Call It! May peace on this earth truly spread from our hearts to our neighborhoods, communities, state, nation, and the world. It is true, my friends: peace begins with us. And I thank you for it.


The Lorelai Lessons

Coffee… chocolate…Mountain Dew…sex …drugs…alcohol…and now…Netflix streaming.  (An abbreviated list of addictions.)

On Netflix one can find a series that is compelling and binge watch all weekend.  You watch one episode, like it, and then you tell yourself, “Well. It’s not really a full hour long, so what harm can another episode do?”  Hours later, you realize you’ve watched a whole season, and you don’t even have the audacity to be embarrassed.  You simply want to start the second season.  Now.

Not me, of course.  I’m talking about other people.

“Gilmore Girls,” is an older series that I just discovered.  I use the episodes as a sliver of light in between a darker series I have been streaming and watching (in moderation, of course).

Lorelai drives me bonkers.  It’s absolutely ridiculous how she rambles a mile a minute, like a thirteen-year-old in a thirty-something body.  Her blatant disrespect of appropriate adult behavior leaves me chagrined.  And her eating habits.  Come ON, people!  Who actually eats a spread of marshmallows, Pop Tarts, doughnuts, etc., for almost every meal and whose skin stays glowing, body trim and energy level up?  No one.  And cut your parents some slack for gawd’s sake, Lorelai.  Yes, they can be manipulative, but they care and they are trying and you need to give the defensive posture you always assume a break from the Friday night meals.

I love Lorelai.  She is enormously flawed with a fragile heart of pure gold.  She has taught me a lot about how to get along in life and with other people who drive me bonkers.  Here are the Lorelai Lessons on Life I have learned (I suspect Lorelai would have loved the alliteration there…anywho…):

  1. Make the most out of the moment, and have fun for once.

I am decidedly too serious…about everything.  So what if I make a mistake?  So what if you make a mistake?  Isn’t life supposed to be messy?  Lighten up, people.

  1. Rituals make the good life.

Albeit a trifle overdone in the series, Lorelai is spot on about the importance of rituals and habits of fun to mark the day…a holiday or any old day, doesn’t matter.  We are all creatures of habit, and we are glorious when we actively seek to change unconscious habits into conscious rituals.  It enriches life like nothing else can or does.  Way to go, Lorelai.  Now pass the pizza and start the movie.

  1. Let people be who they are.

This is the hardest part.  I want to ring Taylor’s neck for being so narcissistically suffocating.  Put a hand over Babette’s loud mouth (though Sally Struthers has me in stiches with how well she plays that character).  Kirk should be put in a corner for time out, like all misbehaved and lost children. Emily needs to be told off on a regular basis.  Luke disappointed me so I would have stopped going to his café, and quite frankly, I do not see Christopher’s appeal at all.  But after allowing people to be who they are…I’d visit Taylor’s sweet shop every week, just for the lovely nostalgic ambiance.  He was right about that, and his town festivals are so frickin’ charming.  I would want Babette as a friend because her loyalty is unquestionable.  Kirk has more to him than meets the eye. I’d cut him some slack, too.  Emily has a good heart, just a little constricted.  I’d get her tipsy when she wasn’t looking, about every other week.  With that quick mind of hers, I bet she would be hilarious.  I may not go to Luke’s café as much, but I’d go to him with a problem knowing he’d have a solution.  Christopher will grow up some day and for now, I’ll let him be in peace.  And so on.  People are quirky and flawed and hard to take sometimes…but isn’t the human character and spirit fascinating?  Isn’t it remarkable how decency is not dependent on logic or predictability, or even maturity?  Isn’t life RICH because of people!?!

But most important to remember, and this is what I owe Lorelai the most for…is that flaws make us human and therefore… actually…loveable.

Most of humanity IS well-intentioned, striving to be better than any flaw.  Our flaws do not need to trip us up, embarrass us or make us regret being alive.  They can be embraced and accepted, loved and shared at whatever stage they are in.  We can do the same with any “flaws” of our family, friends and neighbors.

In fact…thanks to Lorelai, I have come to view perfection not as an honorable goal to always strive for, but as an asinine, boring and ludicrous illusion.  It is the flawed human that melts my heart – and knees – leaving me feeling like I belong and deserve love, too.


Three Open Letters to the Citizens of New Hampshire – March 2014

Republican representative, Kyle Tasker, has made the news of late.  He had a secret:  he is a closet misogynist.  In response to the topic of domestic violence, he came out, loudly and clearly, online on a Tea Party Facebook page, for all to see.  Tasker posted a cartoon of two stick figures, a man performing oral sex on a woman, with the caption, “Over 50,000 battered women, and I still like my plain.”  “Battered” women…women in batter, fried nice and crunchy.  Domestic abuse…physical torture on women…is as comical to Tasker and common and unimportant as fried food at a picnic.

Republican chair Jennifer Horn has demanded an apology.

An apology!?!  That’s what you give when you step on somebody’s big toe by accident – NOT when you make fun of women being punched in the face, stomach, arms…brutally beaten and raped by people they know and trusted.  And, regularly…murdered.

Tasker refuses and repudiated the demand by saying how pure his intention was.  I agree.  Pure evil.

Both parties, Democrat and Republican, are labeling the statement as offensive.  They are demeaning the statement by stopping at that.  The statement is also dangerous.  What we got here, Democrats and Republicans, is a man in a powerful decision-making role who can make laws that reflect his hatred towards women.  “Offensive” is restricted for jokes.  Tasker wasn’t kidding when he make that statement.  That’s what you are missing.

Apparently, all this media “fuss” has generated local conversations.  Oh…really!?!  I’m underwhelmed.  New Hampshire Democratic Party chair Ray Buckley is hitting the nail on the head, and for that, I thank you from my heart, Mr. Buckley.  Buckley stated,

“The Republican Party and House Republican leader Gene Chandler need to disavow this latest in a long series of embarrassing incidents involving Republican officials. Tasker has shown a disturbing lack of respect for survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Half of homicides in New Hampshire are domestic violence related” said New Hampshire Democratic Party chair Ray Buckley. “It is far past time for Republican Chairman Jennifer Horn and House Republican leader Gene Chandler to put a stop to the juvenile, repugnant and offensive behavior of their colleagues,”said Buckley. “Enough is enough. Every time we think a Republican member of the legislature has set a new low, another one does something worse.”

Therefore, three open letters to the citizens of New Hampshire.

Dear New Hampshire Republicans,

What the hell were you thinking in supporting a buffoon like Tasker!?!  If Tasker represents YOUR values, intentions and attitudes, please do us all a favor and leave public service.  For you are clearly discriminating, insulting and dangerously demeaning the majority of your public, who happen to be women.  Whether you like it or us, or not.

Dear New Hampshire Democrats,

What the hell are you thinking in blaming all Republicans for Tasker!?!  This is not a political issue.  This is a gender issue.  Stop blaming all Republicans, and start working hand-in-hand to get that jerk Tasker removed from office.

Dear New Hampshire Women,

What the hell were you thinking in voting this closet abuser into office!?!  Now is not the time to remain silent, or keep your disgust confined to “local discussions.”  Now is the time for all good women in New Hampshire to come to the aid of good women everywhere.  Stand UP.  Grab the hands of the two women closest to you, and in one voice, SCREAM your demand for this jerk to step down.  For I hate to be so descriptive…but a man who hates women – and flaunts it – is a jerk, minimum.  I am too polite, and too much of a lady to go any further than that.  You’re welcome.

Now get off your duffs, New Hampshire folks – and show us what you are made of.  I can only pray that what we see…is good, intelligent and strong citizens doing the right thing.

Freedom of Speech Does Not Mean the Right To Harass


1. Grandmotherly woman who protests at targeted health care clinics against women’s right to have control over their own reproductive organs, wants the “freedom of speech” to go up to the woman walking in for services and talk at her to “show her love”.

2.  Wikipedia:  “Stalking is unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them. The word stalking is used, with some differing meanings, in psychology and psychiatry and also in some legal jurisdictions as a term for a criminal offense.”

I surely hope the justice system understands this and isn’t fooled by the semantic slight of hand sweet ole Granny is trying to pull.    And I wish Granny would devote her love, attention and effort to something that already exists:  children in poverty; single moms unable to make a living wage;  high infant mortality rate; child abuse; domestic abuse; sexual trafficking; poor education system….and the list goes on and on.  But I guess that would take actual action, as opposed to harassment.

For more info on this topic, visit:

December Any Where, If It Snows

DSC_0225I shall rejoice in today: the cold and pretty white that true winter should bring.  I knew last night that it was getting cold, my garage told me.  The weak fluorescent light flounders in low temperatures and refuses to go on.  The hallway at the bottom of the stairs was chilly, too.  But inside the rest of the condo, it was warm and inviting.

A winter’s storm or two has layered the entire area in quiet.  I woke up early but my bed was so snug, I was reluctant to leave it.  I kept hunkered down under the bedding, delighted to be cozy and completely relaxed.

In a sleepy daze I got up and opened the balcony blinds to let the shine of the outdoor lights into the living room.  I turned on the Christmas tree lights and puttered out to the kitchen where I switched on the coffee maker, grounds and water all set to brew from the night before.

On my way back to bed I turned the radio on to Christmas music, opened the drapes in my bedroom, plugged in the single strand of white lights wrapped around a silk plant and switched on a floor canister light that sits in a corner behind an arm chair.  I snuggled back into bed under my thick quilt and found myself enveloped in the soft glow of all the lights, the music and even the gurgling of the coffee maker.

The world outside is so dark in the mornings, with the sky taking its time to turn from black to slate to blue or gray.  One day, a ribbon of pink came floating smack dab in the middle of blue.  How sweetly odd.  This morning everything was a darker gray than I would have imagined.

Even in little things, the time it takes to change everything is a blink.  For that reason alone gratitude is an interesting emotion.  Long have I feared it.  I thought that perhaps if I liked what I had, I wouldn’t get what I wanted, or someone would take it away from me, just out of spite. But gratitude makes human existence much easier more often…instead of making each thing disappear, it seems to attract other good things.

After ten minutes I got back up, grabbed my robe and found my way to the coffee maker with its strong coffee.

All is well.

I am grateful to my readers, and I am not afraid to admit it.

Happy, warm and cozy holidays to you all, and thank you for being here.

( c ) St John 2010

Hand in Hand, We Take a Stand

If a fourteen-year old Pakistani girl in a Taliban-infested country can stand up for her rights and nearly die for them, surely we American women can insist upon ours and vote the candidates who will safeguard our voice, our healthcare, and our liberties as females.

We owe it to each other as women and girls, to take our stand hand-in-hand across this globe.

Amen, sistah.

(Photo from MSNBC)