The Power of Woke is Real

“Woke” means to be unafraid.

We do not fear children learning about

History – our mistakes and successes

Science – beginning of life, stars and planets, health

Religions, all and atheism

Laws – rights, justices and injustices

Freedoms – owning their bodies, voting

Thinking critically and independently.

We do not fear adults

Owning their bodies, voting, living secure and safely

Choosing their genders, partners, lifestyles

Seeking higher education

Demanding nonprofit, affordable, healing healthcare

Earning a living wage that pays for food, clothing, shelter, transportation.

We support politicians who

Speak the facts

Protect all voting rights

Promote tolerance

Veto misogyny

Serve justice

Establish equitable taxes

Revitalize the Middle Class

Honor the elderly.

“Woke” means we see the darkness in your chosen ignorance, the

Attacks on the good

Abuse on the vulnerable

Gunning down of our babies in school

Gunning down of our neighbors on the street, in the malls and clubs

Controlling, anti-female legislation

Fascist, intolerant Supreme Court.

Woke is not a thing.

Woke is me. Woke is us. Woke is We the People.

Fear us. For in the darkness, we will shine.

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