Three Open Letters to the Citizens of New Hampshire – March 2014

Republican representative, Kyle Tasker, has made the news of late.  He had a secret:  he is a closet misogynist.  In response to the topic of domestic violence, he came out, loudly and clearly, online on a Tea Party Facebook page, for all to see.  Tasker posted a cartoon of two stick figures, a man performing oral sex on a woman, with the caption, “Over 50,000 battered women, and I still like my plain.”  “Battered” women…women in batter, fried nice and crunchy.  Domestic abuse…physical torture on women…is as comical to Tasker and common and unimportant as fried food at a picnic.

Republican chair Jennifer Horn has demanded an apology.

An apology!?!  That’s what you give when you step on somebody’s big toe by accident – NOT when you make fun of women being punched in the face, stomach, arms…brutally beaten and raped by people they know and trusted.  And, regularly…murdered.

Tasker refuses and repudiated the demand by saying how pure his intention was.  I agree.  Pure evil.

Both parties, Democrat and Republican, are labeling the statement as offensive.  They are demeaning the statement by stopping at that.  The statement is also dangerous.  What we got here, Democrats and Republicans, is a man in a powerful decision-making role who can make laws that reflect his hatred towards women.  “Offensive” is restricted for jokes.  Tasker wasn’t kidding when he make that statement.  That’s what you are missing.

Apparently, all this media “fuss” has generated local conversations.  Oh…really!?!  I’m underwhelmed.  New Hampshire Democratic Party chair Ray Buckley is hitting the nail on the head, and for that, I thank you from my heart, Mr. Buckley.  Buckley stated,

“The Republican Party and House Republican leader Gene Chandler need to disavow this latest in a long series of embarrassing incidents involving Republican officials. Tasker has shown a disturbing lack of respect for survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Half of homicides in New Hampshire are domestic violence related” said New Hampshire Democratic Party chair Ray Buckley. “It is far past time for Republican Chairman Jennifer Horn and House Republican leader Gene Chandler to put a stop to the juvenile, repugnant and offensive behavior of their colleagues,”said Buckley. “Enough is enough. Every time we think a Republican member of the legislature has set a new low, another one does something worse.”

Therefore, three open letters to the citizens of New Hampshire.

Dear New Hampshire Republicans,

What the hell were you thinking in supporting a buffoon like Tasker!?!  If Tasker represents YOUR values, intentions and attitudes, please do us all a favor and leave public service.  For you are clearly discriminating, insulting and dangerously demeaning the majority of your public, who happen to be women.  Whether you like it or us, or not.

Dear New Hampshire Democrats,

What the hell are you thinking in blaming all Republicans for Tasker!?!  This is not a political issue.  This is a gender issue.  Stop blaming all Republicans, and start working hand-in-hand to get that jerk Tasker removed from office.

Dear New Hampshire Women,

What the hell were you thinking in voting this closet abuser into office!?!  Now is not the time to remain silent, or keep your disgust confined to “local discussions.”  Now is the time for all good women in New Hampshire to come to the aid of good women everywhere.  Stand UP.  Grab the hands of the two women closest to you, and in one voice, SCREAM your demand for this jerk to step down.  For I hate to be so descriptive…but a man who hates women – and flaunts it – is a jerk, minimum.  I am too polite, and too much of a lady to go any further than that.  You’re welcome.

Now get off your duffs, New Hampshire folks – and show us what you are made of.  I can only pray that what we see…is good, intelligent and strong citizens doing the right thing.

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